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Effective Communication Skills

John Nielsen

Author of the best-selling book Effective Communication Skills

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Communication Skills

The Most Comprehensive Basic Communication Course Ever Developed

John Nielsen

About John Nielsen

John Nielsen is the founder and director of the Communication Skills Training and Development Center in Hayward, Ca. He is a Licensed Mediator and coach as well as having been an ordained pastor for 23 years at Community of Grace Church also located in Hayward, CA. John is a recovered alcoholic and drug addict and he has been drug and alcohol free for 35 years. Before John’s recovery and spiritual journey, which started in 1987, he was a successful businessman having built a multi million dollar business which he sold in 1984 (Through John’s life experience he has touched thousands of lives with the hope of grace and restoration). For over 25 years John has been equipping business owners, teams and leaders in the art of communication, collaboration and conflict resolution.

Communication Skills

Why Having Effective Communication Skills is Essential

John Nielsen

Effective Communication Skills is a comprehensive guide written to teach readers the strategic and purposeful way of communicating with others that will influence their relationships forever.


It offers people an opportunity to develop an improved understanding of assertiveness and to have at hand a basic training workbook from which they can apply these principles both to themselves and others.

Communication Skills
Communication Skills

Books on effective communication skills abound. This one is refreshingly different because it integrates Nielsen’s work with recovery support group programs, explores the “relationship between extremely low self-esteem and communication skills,” and emphasizes being assertive. The expected charts, worksheets, questionnaires, and glossaries of industry jargon cover classic communication topics, such as active listening, body language, nonverbal cues, and how to give and receive feedback. The brilliance lies in the clear and insightful self-assessment exercises on how to separate feelings from self-talk, be assertive and not aggressive, handle pressure, increase self-awareness, and practice self-aware, active listening and feedback.

Nielsen is a pastor, a recovered alcoholic and drug addict, and an experienced facilitator of recovery programs with a gift for rendering the complex simple. Practical examples sift the murk of cloudy communication, such as how does one feel, think, and react when hearing a nearby siren, receiving a generous gift, being yelled at by the boss or called stupid, getting interrupted, or experiencing traffic delays? Incisive self-assessments and straightforward definitions of key concepts (such as passive-aggressive vs. assertive behaviors) guide the reader through the fog toward healthy self-talk, better dialogue with others, improved listening skills, and collaborative interactions. For instance, to improve listening skills, one can observe an order-taker at a fast-food chain, where profit depends on accurately hearing what the customer wants.

Nielsen takes tried and true communications techniques and applies a loving touch, which amplifies self-assessment of personality quirks, baggage, and unhealthy self-talk as well as ways to cope with them. His skill in prying open personal obstacles to successful communication shines. An appendix and entertaining line drawings foster comprehension, as do clear chapter goals, objectives, and summaries.

“Discover how God coaches us to be more effective in how we communicate with ourselves and others so we can improve outcomes for the better!!”
John Nielsen


Each chapter in this workbook is designed to layout a step by step process to learning and applying basic effective communication skills. You'll gain practical tools for analyzing situations and you will participate and be coached throughout the eight chapters in this book. Learn how to:

  • Establish immediate rapport

  • Initiate change

  • Facilitate change

  • Reduce stress

  • Rebuild trust

  • Diagnose and resolve internal conflict

  • Deal with conflict effectively and efficiently

  • Handle difficult situations

  • Build a collaborative model

  • Reduce misunderstandings and miscommunications

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Communication Skills


Communication Skills


Communication Skills
Communication Skills

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There is no better teacher than this. Thanks for all the lessons and ways you spoke into my life, John.

- Carrie

Thanks John for being there for us when life was so difficult!


- Jasmine

Forever grateful for everything that I received at Community of Grace changed the course of my life.


- Yvonne

I’ve been a “program junkie” for over 30 years. Been to seminars, meetings, groups and counselors during that time. The goal: Becoming a better person. By the way, I haven’t arrived yet. However, John’s book on Effective Communication Skills was a refresher course with several fresh nuances, reminders, and completely new concepts. I particularly like the way its written as the analogies are on point and the text carries the author's wonderful personality and humor. It’s a must read for daily inspiration and ongoing personal growth. Brilliant!!

- Kent

Communication Skills

60 hours of process driven training's designed to help you develop and enhance your communication skills.

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